Assignment 4 Reflection

In creating work for this assignment, I have tried to be experimental and unorthodox in my choice of location and material. I have tried to make work which is on a big scale and which exists outside, to be seen by the public.

The success of the first piece was limited because the blossom did not extend and connect the drawing of the tree sufficiently into the physical space of the bus shelter. I needed about five times more volume of blossom than I was able to collect, and the blossom needed to be on the drawing, and on the glass, the seat and the floor so that it was a real experience for the passenger as they waited or got off a bus. Drawn on a large scale, my tree lost its charm and the shapes became more crude. Whilst I think the concept was sound, it lacked in execution, so I am glad that I decided to make a second drawing.

The drawing of simplified fern fronds is completely appropriate to its environment, both in materials and in subject. The location chosen is visible to passers-by and visitors. A drawing here is not just an assignment piece but a real asset on a dull front drive. For practical reasons, I chose a very simple design. I am not entirely happy with the curves of the frond on the right but I do like the fact that it continues around and over the corner. With hindsight, the balance of positive and negative shapes might have been improved to cover more of the wall surface area, but then the fronds would not have been so elongated and graceful.

Deciding to use moss, rather than just clay, meant a lot more work and risk of failure, but I think the result is much more interesting than flat clay would have been. The moss has a raised texture which successfully negotiates the non-flat surface, and if it grows, will eventually have a range of greens from the variety of mosses used.

One of the great pleasures of this part of the course has been creating art to share. I have tried to make work which is simple and accessible whilst being unexpected and which enhances its environment and connects the observer to the location.



3 thoughts on “Assignment 4 Reflection

  1. janetdaviesartblog

    I have just been reading a book about Maggi Hambling “Touch” and thought about you and your project. It describes (page 14) how Hambling in her conceptual phase as “street” art placed 30 copies of a detail of Rembrandt’s erotic print The French bed “in individual plastic bags, which were then attached to railings beside King’s Cross station. She watched with delight as curious London taxi drivers swiftly removed all the works within minutes.” Truly interactional public art!


    1. starrybird Post author

      Hi Janet, just catching up after hols and really appreciate this link. Just watched the video and can’t think how I missed the exhibition. I hadn’t realised how pertinent her work is. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person


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