Part 3 – Reflection on Tutor Feedback

I elected to have a Skype tutorial with my tutor and the discussion was stimulating and productive. The opportunity to have a conversation, with give and take and an exchange of ideas, was wonderful. The deal with these tutorials is that the tutors put their time into the discussion and the students write the assignment report, with additional comments added by the tutor. In the assignment report the tutor’s comments are in red.

My tutor was very encouraging about my experimentation and the fact that my work is becoming more abstract. The subject of presence and absence is a strong one with lots of possibilities which she encourages me to explore, not just through representation but through the presence and absence of materials. I was pleased that she found my material experiments such as snow and rust productive and not an indulgence.

I have a ‘to do’ list:

  • rework assignment 3
  • drawing on different surfaces
  • consider the relevance of primitive art to my themes
  • explore non rectangular supports
  • reading
  • develop video ideas

One comment from my tutor has given me particular pause for thought. She says, ‘The process is an important factor for your work and it’s interesting that you take an alternative viewpoint as to what drawing can be. Is it more for you, the artist, than the viewer?’.

I have deliberately tried to become less concerned about outcome, feeling that embracing risk and not worrying about spoiling something can liberate me. But I think the answer to her question is that my art is for me and is about the process of me making it, much more that it is about any possible outcome or a viewer’s opinion on that outcome. I make art for the deep satisfaction that creating something gives me, for the sensual pleasure of working with the materials and for my own visual pleasure when I discover something interesting in the outcome, no matter how small a detail, often a reaction of the materials which I have merely facilitated.


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