Parallel Project – Second Thoughts

My original ideas for my parallel project were around my garden but during Part 2 of the course I did a several pieces considering the sudden loss of my father when I was relatively young and my anger at him for leaving us. I felt that this produced powerful work and that I would like to explore this further, so I have abandoned the garden and changed my choice of project to continue with this idea.

Initially, I thought of images of my father, erased, removed, leaving. However, I don’t want this to be mawkish or depressing. I want this to be an exploration of my own feelings but also a metaphysical enquiry. I want to consider absence and memory, cycles of being, potentials. I have been doing small drawings in my sketchbooks in response to thinking about words, especially linked pairs of words.

  • absence/presence
  • enclosed/infinite
  • lost/found
  • remembered/forgotten
  • searching/finding
  • circle
  • void
  • vortex
  • threshold
  • way in, way out
  • complete/potential
  • whole/fragmented
  • inside/outside
  • final/unending
  • transition/unchanging


Some work may be based around the figure but some may look at ideas around the subconscious, dreams, distorted memory within dreams and space or place beyond the physical.


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