Part 1 – Assignment Report

The report from my tutor on Part 1 of the course was supportive and encouraging with my tutor challenging me to pursue my investigation of materials for looser, semi-abstract work.

Particular points I want to take forward are:

  • be aware of and resist the tendency to slip back to visual conventions. I think it is so easy to think in terms of doing a drawing of something; I need to think in terms of drawing an idea or feeling.
  • extend my investigations into materials and propel this into my work
  • continue attending study visits and seek external stimulus through gallery visits, location sketching, life drawing, workshops
  • do more project related research before rather than in parallel with physical work
  • be physical, work large.

My tutor encourages me to be less dismissive of my work and to lay it out, identify good elements and work from those, thinking about where I want to go forward.

She was sceptical about my choice of the garden as a subject for my parallel project, and I do understand the danger of choosing a subject which could be banal. However, I want to use it as a source of ideas for abstraction. Having shared a couple of sketches and a finished piece with my tutor, she writes ‘I like the abstraction idea of the garden and the third piece you attached is the most exciting one and it involves imagination and something away from the obvious.’ I now need to consider a subject for my critical review, ideally relating to and enriching the parallel project.


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